DISTINGUISHED CAREER AWARDS are presented to individuals who have made distinguished, lifelong, career contributions to fusion development. Nominations from any source are welcome throughout the year.


1987 M. B. Gottlieb, D. Kerst, R. F. Post and L. Spitzer, Jr.
1988 K. Husimi, D. Palumbo and R. S. Pease
1989 F. H. Coensgen, D. J. Grove and F. L. Ribe
1990 N. G. Basov and T. Sekiguchi
1991 H. K. Forsen, J. W. Landis, R. L. Sproull and H. G. Stever
1992 R. Bickerton, A. Bishop, V. Glukhikh and S. Mori
1993 R. A. Gross and M. W. Rosenthal
1994 C. A. Flanagan and W. G. Kunkel
1995 T. K. Fowler and H. P. Furth
1996 J. G. Gavin and J. H. Nuckolls
1997 Marshall N. Rosenbluth
1998 Boris B. Kadomtsev, D. Bruce Montgomery, Tihiro Ohkawa and Paul Rutherford
1999 Thomas H. Stix, J. Bryan Taylor, and Masaji Yoshikawa
2000 Alan Gibson, Tom Simonen, Ken Tomabechi and Alvin Trivelpiece
2001 Roger O. Bangerter and Edward A. Frieman
2002 J. D. Callen, G. Grieger and S. Nakai
2003 Roberto Aymar and John Sheffield
2004 Bruno Coppi
2005 Charles Baker and Dale Meade
2006 N. Anne Davies and Vladimir Tolok
2007 David E. Baldwin
2008 Osamu Motojima
2009 Weston M. Stacey, Jr.
2010 Miklos Porkolab and Dmitri Ryutov
2011 Ronald R. Parker
2012 B. Grant Logan
2013 David Crandall
2014 Ronald C. Davidson and Rush D. Holt
2015 Gerald L. Kulcinski
2016 Mohamed Abdou
2017 Steven Cowley, Robert L. McCrory, Farrokh Najmabadi and Stewart Prager
2018 Nathaniel Fisch and David Hammer
2019 M. Keith Matzen, Edward (Ted) Strait and Francis F. Chen
2020 Ned Sauthoff, Keith Burrell and Irvin Lindemuth
2021 Steven Slutz and Donald Spong
2022 Richard Hazeltine and Kenichi Kurihara
2023 Gerald Navratil and Tony Taylor


LEADERSHIP AWARDS are presented to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion. Nominations are welcome from any source throughout the year.


1980 S. J. Buchsbaum, R. L. Hirsch, M. McCormack and P. Tsongas
1981  Edwin Kintner
1982 Harold Furth and John Nuckolls
1983 John Emmett and T. Kenneth Fowler
1984 Tihiro Ohkawa and Gerold Yonas
1985 Evgenii Velikhov and Chiyo Yamanaka
1986 Ronald Davidson
1987 Marshall Rosenbluth
1988  John Clarke
1989 Paul-Henri Rebut
1990 Boris Kadomtsev
1991 Bruno Coppi and Erik Storm
1992 Robert Conn and Gerald Kulcinski
1993 Donald Cook and John Sheffield
1994 Charles Baker and Steve Koonin
1995 E. Michael Campbell and David Overskei
1996 Mohamed Abdou and Robert McCrory
1997 David E. Baldwin
1998 Hermann Grunder and John Holdren
1999 B. Grant Logan and Dale Meade
2000 Robert Aymar and John Lindl
2001 Robert Goldston and Ronald Parker
2002 Richard Hazeltine, Jeffrey Freidberg and John Sethian
2003 Stewart Prager
2004 Raymond Fonck and Farrokh Najmabadi
2005 Ronald Stambaugh
2006 Gerald Navratil and Ned Sauthoff
2007 Richard Hawryluk
2008 Ed Moses and Tony Taylor
2009 Gyung-Su Lee
2010 Riccardo Betti and Y-K Martin Peng
2011 M. Keith Matzen
2012 Stephen P. Obenschain
2013 David D. Meyerhofer
2014 John Edwards and Martin Greenwald
2015 Hiroshi Azechi
2016 Joe Kilkenny and Steve Zinkle
2017 Bernard Bigot and (jointly) Valeri Goncharov and Craig Sangster
2018 Dennis Whyte and Sean Regan
2019 Gianfranco Federici and Lutz Wegener
2020 Michael Mauel
2021 Radha Bakutukumbi and Troy Carter
2022 Debra Callahan, Kathryn McCarthy and James Van Dam
2023 Johan Frenje and Mickey Wade


DAVID J. ROSE EXCELLENCE IN FUSION ENGINEERING AWARD in memory of MIT Professor David J. Rose, is presented to individuals in the early part of their careers (maximum age 42) who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential for becoming an exceptionally influential leader in the fusion field. Nominations, with supporting material and letters of recommendation, are due by June 15 each year.


1987 S. J. Piet
1988 M. A. Ulrichson
1989 D. Ehst and Y-K. Martin Peng
1990 W. Reierson
1991 J. Santarius
1992 O. Filatov and S. Zinkle
1993 J. D. Galambos and S. W. Haney
1994 C. E. Kessel and K. A. McCarthy
1995 F. Najmabadi
1996 G. G. Denisov and P. J. Gierjewski
1997 P. Barabaschi
1998 S. Payne and M. Tillack
1999 P.F. Peterson and M. D. Williams
2000 Gianfranco Federici and Michael Mauel
2001 Lance L. Snead
2002 R. Kodama
2003 A. Nikroo
2004 C. Bibeau
2005 N. Morley
2006 Y. Katoh
2007 Brian Wirth
2008 J. Phillip Sharpe
2009 Darren Garnier and Jeff Latkowski
2010 Pravesh Patel
2011 A. Michael Dunne
2012 Mark Herrmann
2013 Eric Hollmann
2014 Daniel Sinars and Anne E. White
2015 Susana Reyes and Francesco Volpe
2016 Stefan Gerhardt and Michael Van Zeeland
2017 Chris Holcomb and Adam Sefkow
2018 Chad Parish and Wayne Solomon
2019 David Pace and Joe Milnes
2020 Egemen Koleman and David Turnbull
2021 John Canik and Tammy Ma
2022 Zach Hartwig and Nikolai Norausky
2023 Stephanie Diem

SPECIAL AWARDS are given periodically to recognize individuals who have made some special contribution to the cause of fusion power development.


1980 J. Robert Beyster
1981 Edward A. Frieman
1982 Henry J. Gomberg, Bernard J. Eastlund, Sherman Naymark, Glenn Sorenson and Alvin W. Trivelpiece
1983 Paul J. Reardon, James M. Willilams, Gerold Yonas and Donald P. Zeifang
1987 Alvin W. Trivelpiece
1988 Ruth Ann Watkins
1990 George S. Clemens
1990 John Killeen
1994 Dean Gallo
1995 Kathryn M. Thorpe
1996 Marilyn Lloyd
1996 Marshall Sluyter
1998 Roscoe Bartlett, Rodney Freylinghuysen and Tim Roemer
1999 Rush Holt and Ron Packard
1999 Ruth Ann Watkins
2000 Diane Carroll, Donald Correll and Carol Danielson
2000 Stephen O. Dean
2001 Mark Haynes
2002 Paul Rivenburg, Paul Thomas and Nan Wells
2003 John DeLooper
2005 Michael Roberts
2007 Tihiro Ohkawa
2008 John H. Nuckolls and Richard F. Post
2010 Jeff Hoy and Darlene Markevich
2010 Christopher J. Keane and John W. Willis
2011 Erol Oktay
2015 Wayne Meier
2016 Albert Opdenaker
2017 Dale M.Meade
2018 Steve Eckstrand and Mark Foster
2019 Francis F. Chen
2022 James Van Dam
2023 Francis Thio
2024 David Kramer




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