Membership and Newsletters

Members and Affiliates participate in the worldwide network of orgnaizations developing fusion science and technologies. They have access to the latest developments and opportunities coming from fusion research and development. They are invited to participate in management-level symposia, technical workshops and preparation of policy statements. Their research, products and services are made known through our newsletters and activities. Members can also receive assistance in long-range planning and marketing.

Institutional Membership (Full)

Full Institutional Members are entitled to nominate, vote and serve on the Board of Directors. Board members vote on policy issues and guide the activities of the association. Annual dues for Institutional Members are $3100.

Institutional Membership (Non-Voting)

Non-Voting Institutional Members receive the same benefits as Institutional Members, except they do not have voting rights. Annual dues for Non-Voting Institutional Members are $1000.

Small Business Affiliates

Small Business Affiliates receive the same benefits as Non-Voting Institutional Members. However they must have less than 500 full time employees. Annual dues for Small Business Affiliates are $600.

Individual Affiliates

Individual Affiliates are persons interested in fusion development who wish to support Fusion Power Associates and receive our email Fusion Program Notes. The annual dues are $65 (Students $15).

Fusion Power Report

In 1980, Fusion Power Associates took over publishing responsibility for Fusion Power Report, previously published by Business Publishers, Inc. Members and Affilates do not receive Fusion Power Report unless they subscribe separately. The subscription rate for this bimonthly newsletter is $775 per year. Email only (no hard copy) rate is $675 per year; email plus hard copy rate is $875 per year.
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Fusion Power Associates


To join Fusion Power Associates or to subscribe to the Executive Newsletter or Fusion Power Report complete and return by mail, fax or email attachment the following form to Fusion Power Associates (fax: 301-975-9869), 2 Professional Drive, Suite 249, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 (email


(All rates quoted are per calendar year)
__________ Institutional Membership: $3100
__________ Institutional Affiliate: $1000
__________ Small Business Affiliate: $600
__________ Individual Affiliate: $65
__________ Student Affiliate: $15
__________ Hard copy subscription to Fusion Power Report: $775
__________ Email (only) subscription to Fusion Power Report: $675
__________ Email plus hardcopy subscription to FPR: $875
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Institution: __________________________________________
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