Columbia University, Dept. of Applied Physics

Focus Energy, Inc.

Future Energy Research Associates, Japan

General Atomics Inertial Fusion Technology

General Atomics Magnetic Fusion Energy

Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University

Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP), Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Fusion Science and Ion Beam Technology

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Laser S&T Program

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Fusion Energy Program

LaserFusionX, Inc.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Fusion Energy Program

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Naka Fusion Institute, QST, Japan

National Fusion Research Institute, Korea

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Fusion Energy Division

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratories, Pulsed Power Sciences Program

Savannah River National Laboratory

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

TAE Technologies, Inc.

University of California LLNL

University of California at Los Angeles

University of California at San Diego

University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics

University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Fusion Studies


Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.

General Fusion

Kyoto Fusioneering, Ltd.

Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technology, Inc.

Prism Computational Sciences, Inc.

Tokamak Energy, Ltd.




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