FUSION POWER ASSOCIATES is a non-profit, tax-exempt research and educational foundation, providing timely information on the status of fusion development and other applications of plasma science and fusion research. We do this primarily through the issuance of email Fusion Program Notes and sponsorship of annual management-level technical symposia.

The Association assists students, media, the public and others by providing lay-level materials, brochures, commentary, expert advice and referrals to experts for specialized information and provides editorial assistance to the Journal of Fusion Energy (Springer Publishers) in soliciting, translating, editing and publishing technical papers on plasma physics and fusion energy.

The Association presents Awards annually to individuals, recognizing Leadership, Distinguished Career, and Excellence in Fusion Engineering. The Association occasionally also presents Special Awards, e.g., for Outstanding Public Service and for Education and Outreach.The Association also has available, by subscription, a bi-monthly newsletter, Fusion Power Report.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors and is guided by a Policy Statement. Institutions are encouraged to participate in Fusion Power Associates by becoming voting Members or Affiliates. The Association also has Individual Affiliates.

For further information, contact:
Fusion Power Associates, 2 Professional Drive, Suite 249, Gaithersburg, MD 20879;
Tel: (301) 258-0545;
FAX: (301) 975-9869; fusionpwrassoc@aol.com or click on an information link below.



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